Third annual Clash of the Titans giving competition helps support athletics

University of Detroit Mercy announces the third annual Clash of the Titans giving competition to help support Detroit Mercy NCAA Division I athletic teams.

The competition begins today and runs through Dec. 6. The goals of this effort are to increase financial support for teams from alumni and friends, and create a friendly competition to determine which Detroit Mercy Division I team can raise the most funds to support specific program needs.

Clash of the Titans uses the institution’s crowdfunding platform through the Office of Annual Giving, explained Judy Wernette, director of the office.

“Over the last two years this effort raised more than $150,000 for our 17 Division I athletic teams, thanks to the contributions from alumni, supporters and friends,” she explained. “This initiative helps teams fulfill a number of important needs. The Detroit Mercy crowdfunding platform continues to help on a number of fronts at the University, and we’re looking forward to using this resource once again for this annual athletics giving competition,” she added.

Wernette also said that because the University’s Division I athletic teams must travel around the country to compete, the department needed to help identify a new means of support. This is why Clash of the Titans was created in 2017 and continues today. It allows student-athletes and coaches to directly engage with their fan bases and encourage supporters to help each team fulfill important needs.

Detroit Mercy Titan teams will compete against one another. The team that raises the most funding support according to specific guidelines will receive an additional $5,000 contribution from the University.

Through crowdfunding, Detroit Mercy can effectively raise important support for programs, services and research activities through targeted efforts to ensure growth and sustainability. The University is pleased to accept donations of any amount to support a multitude of diverse projects.

The Clash of the Titans crowdfunding website is

Currently, 11 Detroit Mercy teams have listed the following goals for their fundraising efforts.

  • Women’s Softball: Donations will support off-campus practice dome fees, flights for spring games and softball apparel and equipment.
  • Track and Field: Donations will help the team purchase equipment and fund travel expenses.
  • Women’s Basketball: Contributions will provide a Thanksgiving meal at the 2019 South Point Shootout, where the team will be playing during the holiday, and provide bonding activities while the team is on the road.
  • Men’s Basketball: Contributions will help ensure that the Titan basketball team will have the extra meal daily that can make all the difference in achieving a championship performance on the court and in the classroom.
  • Women’s Soccer: Funds will allow the team to offset costs for new home and away uniforms and new team equipment.
  • Men’s Soccer: Contributions will allow the team to continue to remain competitive by offsetting the expenses for new uniforms, training equipment, indoor training time and recruiting.
  • Women’s Lacrosse: Gifts will support travel expenses, updates to the locker room and new equipment.
  • Men’s Lacrosse: Contributions will support travel expenses, enhanced meals on the road and prior to home games and new
  • Women’s Golf: Donations will offset the expenses of their spring season travel budget and help them with the renovation of their indoor practice facility in Calihan Hall, including adding launch monitor technology and new flooring for the practice area.
  • Men’s Golf: Donor support will help update equipment and offset travel expenses.
  • Fencing: Support for the team will help purchase new scoring machines and fencing strips.

Please consider making a contribution to any and all teams.

For more information, please visit  or call the Detroit Mercy Office of Annual Giving at 313-993-1582. As a reminder, the competition runs from Nov. 4 to Dec. 6, 2019. For more information on Detroit Mercy Athletics, please visit

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