Tell us why you’re thankful for Detroit Mercy (you could win a prize!)

Alumni and current students often tell us how thankful they are they chose University of Detroit, Mercy College of Detroit or University of Detroit Mercy to earn their degree.

They point to their career that had its start on one of our campuses. They tell us how Jesuit and Mercy values learned here have led them across the world and brought meaning to their lives. And, of course, they talk of the friends and relationships built on campus, on the athletic fields and in class.

This Thanksgiving, we want to share your stories. Take a few minutes to fill out the form that can be found at We’ll collect them and put them on this blog for everyone to read. If your story is really unique, we might give you a call and do a full story on that.)

As a reward, we’ll help you show off your Detroit Mercy pride: Anyone who fills out the form will be entered into a drawing to win some Detroit Mercy swag. We will collect submissions until noon Monday, Nov. 25. Then check back in on Thanksgiving (or after, really, you should spend time with those you love) to read what our alumni had to say.

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