Let’s Talk: Times may be tough, but God is with us

Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos, special assistant to the president on Mission Integration at Detroit Mercy is doing her part to help the University community find comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic by organizing this series of video reflections.

While this year’s entrance into Easter has not brought us out of the darkness cast by the current crisis our world is facing, it does remind us that even in the midst of all that we are facing God continues to be with us. This seems to be the message of the many resurrection appearances that are narrated in the Gospel readings of this week.

Let us continue to pray and keep in our hearts the many frontline workers in our hospitals, grocery stores and delivery services. Let us remember those who are sick, those we have lost and the families who cannot be present them in the way they desire. The Office of Mission Integration invites you to join Anita Klueg, Director of University Ministry, through this week’s video reflection as she invites us to see God in the everyday. Special thanks to University Ministry staff, Billy Myers for producing the OMI videos and Dan Greig for providing the music.

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