Episode # 2120

Air date: 1/24/21


With Professors Matt Mio, Jeffe Boats, Dan Maggio, Stephen Manning, Dave Chow, Beth Oljar, Mara Livezey, Heather Hill, Stephanie Conant, Jim Tubbs and Jacob Kagey.

Download a transcript of this week’s episode – ATP 2120 transcript

Episode # 2118

Air date: 1/10/21


Host Matt Mio is joined by Professors Dan Maggio, Beth Oljar, Jim Tubbs, Mara Livezey, Dave Chow, Heather Hill, Jeffe Boats and Stephen Manning.

Download a transcript for this week’s episode – ATP 2118 – transcript

Episode # 2116

Air date:  12/27/20


The Professors have had a great time answering some fantastic Christmas-related questions from our listeners, and we’ve all enjoyed the wonderful memories of Christmases past.  But now, we need to get back to some questions submitted to the show earlier this Fall.

Download a transcript of this week’s episode –

ATP 2116 Transcript