Episode # 2402

Air date: 9/17/23


With Professors Matt Mio, Mara Livezey, Dave Chow, Beth Oljar, Jim Tubbs, Dan Maggio, Heather Hill and Stephen Manning.

Episode # 2401

Air date: 9/10/23


The professors are back to begin a brand new season of  Ask The Professor.  Host Matt Mio is joined by Professors Mara Livezey, Jim Tubbs, Heather Hill, Stephen Manning, Dan Maggio and Dave Chow.

ATP 2401 transcript

Episode # 2352

Air date: 9/3/23


Recorded in December 2009, this week’s episode features long-time ATP moderator Edwin DeWindt filling in for Kathy Bush.  Edwin is joined by Professors Beth Oljar, Jim Tubbs, Roy Finkenbine and Jeffe Boats.  With special guest Robert Del Valle.

ATP 2352 transcript

Episode # 2350

Air date: 8/20/23


More ATP memories from January 2010.  Guest host Edwin DeWindt with Professors Beth Oljar, Matt Mio, Dan Maggio, Dave Koukal and special guest Sharon Vlahovich.

ATP 2350 transcript