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Episode # 2301

Air date: 9/11/22


It’s the first episode of a brand new season of Ask The Professor.  With Professors Matt Mio, Jim Tubbs, Beth Oljar, Jeffe Boats, Dan Maggio, Dave Chow and special guest Professor Erin Bell from Detroit Mercy’s Department of English.

Download a transcript of this week’s episode – ATP 2301 transcript_otter_ai

Episode # 2252

Air date: 9/4/22


We’re finishing off this season of Ask The Professor with memories from 2003.  Recorded at an evening gathering of the professors at the home of Edwin DeWindt.  Host Kathy Bush is joined by Professors Dan Maggio, Jeffe Boats, Beth Oljar, Jim Tubbs and Roy Finkenbine.  With special guests Drew Warner and Michael Baumann.

Download a transcript of this week’s episode – ATP transcript 2252 – 3_otter_ai