Episode # 2101

Air date: 9/13/20


We’re kicking off a new season of ATP this week.  Host Matt Mio welcomes Professors Beth Oljar, Jeffe Boats, Mara Livezey, Jim Tubbs, Heather Hill, Stephen Manning, Dan Maggio and Dave Chow.

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ATP 2101 – transcript


Episode # 2052

Air date: 8/30/20


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ATP 2052 – transcript

It’s another new episode of Ask The Professor.  Host Matt Mio is joined by Professors Beth Oljar, Stephen Manning, Mara Livezey, Dave Chow, Heather Hill, Dan Maggio,  Jim Tubbs and Jeffe Boats.  With this week’s special guest: Sr. Erin McDonald from Detroit Mercy’s Office of University Ministry.

Episode # 2051

Air date: 8/23/20


Join us this week, as we take a trip back to November 1989.  It’s a classic Ask The Professor program featuring Edwin DeWindt, George Pickering, Sarah Gravelle, Claire Crabtree and Arthur Beer.

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ATP 2051 trancript