April 13 — Spring Walleye Run

Wednesday April 13  —   “We are reconciled, I think,  .  .  .  .  To too much.”   Mary Oliver

I posted this piece from Crain’s last year, April 29.  It entrances me, imagining c. 10 million walleye migrating each year from Lake Erie into the Detroit River to spawn. When I walk the city’s sparkling River Walk, the mile wide river continually refreshes my spirits, as if its beauty in my ears and eyes were its only purpose.  River refreshment offers many people, on many days, an anointing.  That same river hosts fast-boat with their rooster tail turns, water sports, party boats and bigger slower boats packing huge amounts of freight — the work and play and rest of human beings.

These Spring days, I am indebted to last April’s reminder from Crain’s that the river is home to much more life than us human beings.  Thinking all this I couldn’t resist running last April 29’s post again.   Mary Oliver’s “The Lark” provided counterpoint to the walleye last spring.  It makes a fine read this year too.

Have a blest Wednesday, the middle of the work week near the middle of April.


john sj

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