We want your stories!

It should come as no surprise to discover that alumni from Detroit Mercy are internationally known entrepreneurs and healthcare workers, award-winning entertainers and producers, athletes, coaches, volunteers and doers.

Chances are, you can find yourself in one of those categories above. We want to tell your story, because in telling these stories, we tell the story of University of Detroit Mercy and the way it has made an impact on the world. But we have to hear about your story first.

That’s why we have this handy link that takes you to a form that you can quickly fill out to let us know someone has a story for us to tell. Your stories don’t need to be about curing some rare disease or the invention of a device that brings an end to war (though we wouldn’t turn our nose up at those stories). They can be about interesting things you’ve done or remembrances of your Jesuit and Mercy education. Don’t be shy, no one will know how the story came to us. And don’t forget to send in information about other alumni who are story-worthy. That’s where we get the best tips!

We will find the best way to tell your story, maybe on this blog, maybe in the alumni magazine Spiritus, maybe in alumni newsletters. Or maybe we’ll find a new way that fits your story perfectly.

Check back here regularly to see what your fellow alumni are up to. You won’t be surprised that they are doing great things, but we think you’ll be surprised at just what they’re doing.

We can’t wait to hear from you!



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