MarCom reminder: Calls from media representatives

The Office of Marketing & Communications (MarCom) offers the following reminder for the 2018-19 academic year:

If you receive an unexpected call from a representative of the news media seeking comments on a news story, or are unsure how to work with the media, we are here to help! MarCom has more than 50 years of combined service in working with local, state, national and international media representatives and are happy to provide assistance. If you receive an inquiry from a media representative, please direct calls to 313-578-0336, 313-578-0339 or email or

All official Detroit Mercy responses to media inquiries are provided by MarCom in consultation with the President’s Office. For those faculty and staff with whom MarCom has previously worked and who continue to serve as official Detroit Mercy media experts based on your areas of expertise, we appreciate your continued support in promoting the University.

Please share this information with faculty and staff during regular meetings and communications. These reminders have been and will continue to appear in CC for the next several weeks. We appreciate your sharing this information with colleagues and departments. If you have questions, please contact Gary Erwin at 313-578-0339 or Thank you for your help!