Live6 Alliance launches Small Business Directory

Live6 Alliance launches its new Small Business DirectoryLive6 Alliance, a nonprofit planning and development organization that works to enhance the quality of life and economic opportunity in Northwest Detroit, has launched the first edition of the digital Small Business Directory to support small businesses in Northwest Detroit.

The inspiration for the Live6 Small Business Directory comes from the ongoing commitment to serve the business community while connecting people and neighborhoods. The Live6 corridor (Livernois and McNichols) is built on a legacy of arts, commerce, and culture and has been home to many families and businesses for decades.

“Our small businesses are the heart and soul of our community. Live6 Alliance strives to serve as a model that demonstrates the impact of resource integration to enhance and accelerate business growth, tourist attractions and residential viability,” said Live6 Alliance Executive Director, Geneva J. Williams.

The first edition of the Small Business Directory is now available and highlights local businesses in several industries ranging from art/galleries, beauty/grooming, clothing/fashion and cuisine/food. Live6 Alliance’s goal is to continue to add new businesses to the directory, create opportunities for residents and businesses to engage and thrive, together. As the holiday season approaches, the hope is that this directory will spur residents and visitors to frequent the businesses listed in the publication and help support them during the pandemic.

“This new directory represents another important resource for our community and will help support our small businesses throughout Detroit, and specifically within Northwest Detroit, especially this holiday season,” said Antoine M. Garibaldi, board chair of the Live6 Alliance and president of University of Detroit Mercy. “Small businesses play a crucial role in our community and we hope that the directory will become the go-to guide for residents and visitors,” he added.

“Without a regular flow of business, we cannot be successful. The directory is a good thing. It will hopefully drive business to the barbershop and keep money flowing during this tough time,” said Clee Terry, Stylist at Big D Barber Beauty Salon located at 18235 Livernois Avenue in Detroit.

Live6 Alliance hopes that the small businesses that have inspired the directory will have increased business growth and a renewed sense of community, engagement, business attraction and retention.

The Small Business Directory is available at

About Live6 Alliance

Live6 Alliance’s mission is to enhance the quality of life and economic opportunity in Northwest Detroit. The organization acts as a conduit between the institutions and their surrounding communities, with a particular focus on the McNichols and Livernois corridors with the support of our remarkable funders.