All-user emails and use of Campus Connection

Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Office of Marketing & Communications (MarCom) will begin to distribute information that is not time-sensitive through Campus Connection every Tuesday of each week. This change will help reduce the amount and frequency of email messages that people receive each day and direct individuals, departments and colleges to utilize the Campus Connection digital newsletter as the primary communication vehicle for internal audiences. Be sure to bookmark and check it every work day!

Information that requires immediate communication to a specific group (for example, students) or information that is time-sensitive, such as death notices, will continue to be moderated and distributed by ITS.

Information for consideration to Campus Connection should be submitted every Friday by noon. Submissions that contain incomplete information may not be included. MarCom will continue to edit copy according to the University style guide and highlight your most important information for readability and user experience.

Click “Be in CC” at the top of Campus Connection or click here.