Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Mark Benvenuto presented the topic, “Examining the Deliquescence of Lithium Salts and Those of Other Alkali Metals Through a Range of Humidity,” at the 23rd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies. This seminar is based on research done by Benvenuto’s CHM1100 General Chemistry I Lab students. A paper, based on the talk, will be published this summer.


It is well known that lithium chloride is able to extract moisture from the ambient air. Our research in this area has examined a variety of lithium salts for their ability to do so, as well as their counterparts containing sodium and potassium. Additionally, we have made and utilized chambers that allow us to examine deliquescence of these salts in conditions of various humidity. We will present the results, and how these experiments can be adapted to the teaching of laboratory courses.

View the virtual presentation online.