Bookstore book rental return information

All students with outstanding rental books from the Winter ’21 term are encouraged to return materials to the University Bookstore by Saturday, May 1. There is a grace period until May 10. Late fees will be charged beginning May 11.

Information on the rental book website includes how to obtain your confirmation number and how to use a free return label (for United States shipping only, international customers are responsible for shipping fee charges). If you do not want to mail your books back, you may return them in-person. The Bookstore will be open Saturday, May 1 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Note: you will receive the following emails from the Bookstore (sent to the email you provided when you originally rented books):

  • April 10 – “Due date is approaching, May 1”
  • April 26 – “Would you like to purchase your rental: Buyout-focused”
  • April 30 – “Your book is now due”
  • May 2 – “Late Notice Warning #1”
  • May 9 – “Late Notice Warning #2: You’ve been charged”
  • May 11 – “CHARGE DATE: Last day to check in, replacement fee charges occur at night”

See rental return information and FAQs online.