Professor of Theology and Religious Studies Patrick Kelly, S.J. will give the invocation at the virtual Jesuit Friends and Alumni of Detroit Spring Luncheon on Tuesday, May 11.

The featured speaker will be former University of Michigan Basketball Coach John Beilein. At a time when we are in great need for input on what genuine, values-based leadership looks like, Beilein will talk about the influence of his Jesuit education on his approach to leadership and coaching. In a recent interview, Beilein talked about his practice of Ignatius’ “Examen,” a prayer in which one attends to one’s affective experiences in the course of a day and in particular how they were related to God’s presence and call in one’s life. He said, “I do the Examen all the time during the season. That helps me put things into perspective—how grateful I should be for the life I’ve been blessed with. Sometimes I write my Examen down with my iPad. I have pages and pages and pages during the season. So I think it’s just the overall appreciation of understanding your purpose in life, understanding God’s will for you.”

To watch the online presentation and learn more, register for the event.