TENN launches garden fundraising challenge

Titan Equity Nourish Network (TENN) logoThe Titan Equity Nourish Network (TENN) has launched a fundraising campaign challenge for its on-campus garden, beginning on Nov. 15 and running until Dec. 15.

With the support, TENN can continue to grow and establish its garden, adding elements such as a compost bin, harvest sink, more raised beds, fruits and beautifying elements. TENN also envisions making the garden a learning environment for both students and community members.

The fundraising challenge is through SeedMoney, which allows school and community gardens to host a month of fundraising for their gardens with the opportunity to receive micro-grants based upon the amount of money they raise in the first week and at the end of the campaign.

Visit Detroit Mercy’s SeedMoney challenge page to support and donate to the cause.