Workshop: Becoming a Master Mentor

Workshop: Becoming a Master Mentor

Hosted by the College of Engineering & Science, “Becoming a Master Mentor” is a practical workshop that provides evidence-based rules on engagement for developing high-impact mentoring relationships. The clean emphasis is on what great mentors do well.

The virtual workshop, which is open to all faculty, staff and administrators, is set for Friday, April 1 at 12:30 p.m.

Topics include the interpersonal habits and behavior strategies of master mentors, including techniques for forming and managing effective mentorships. The workshop will emphasize theory-supported and evidence-based mentoring strategies.

The workshop is highly skills-based with frequent practice, discussion and feedback from peers and also helps academic leaders — department chairs and deans — think in an informed way about the key ingredients of a strong mentoring culture.

To register, please email Jahzara Mayes at A link will be provided upon registration.