Student Spotlight: Joyce Olatunde

Student Spotlight: Joyce Olatunde

Our student spotlight shines on international student Joyce Olatunde.

  • Hometown: Ikun Ekiti, Nigeria
  • Year and major: First year, Nursing
  • Languages spoken: Yoruba, Ibibio, English

Joyce Olatunde black and white photoWhat shocked you upon coming to the United States?

Coming to the United States was a great task because I thought about how I was going to survive in a country based on so many reasons, one of which is discrimination, but it amazed me when everyone accepted me with love and care. Another is the food, it’s too salty.

What have you learned about yourself since arriving in the U.S.?

I’ve learned to always ask since I won’t be crucified for asking. I’ve learned to stand up and believe in my convictions. Also, fear should never be the drive of a decision.

What do you like best about Detroit Mercy and the U.S.?

The friendly and welcoming community. The act of freedom, which should not be misused. The opportunity to engage in community services.

About Joyce

Studying in the United States is a wonderful opportunity, which was once a hope lost but now restored. As the first child in my family, my objective has always been to lay down a good leadership foundation for my siblings to follow and I know God will help me, though things may be hard now, they will surely get better. Life has taught me so many lessons, I’ve learned to always appreciate my personality because no one else has my unique personality.