Student Spotlight: Ahlam Al Mohammad

Student Spotlight: Ahlam Al Mohammad

Our student spotlight shines on international student Ahlam Al Mohammad.

  • Hometown: Homs, Syria
  • Year and major: First year master’s student in Electrical Engineering
  • Languages spoken: Arabic, English and French

Ahlam Al Mohammad sits next to water with buildings, trees and a bridge in the background set against a sunset.What shocked you upon coming to the United States?

  • The wooden houses were very weird. I used to live in concrete houses.
  • The weather, especially in the summer, when it will rain suddenly.
  • Some vegetables, like cucumber and zucchini. They are totally different from Syrian vegetables.

What have you learned about yourself since arriving in the U.S.?

I have learned that both family and friends are very important for a better life.

What do you like best about Detroit Mercy and the U.S.?

The faculty are very welcoming and helpful. My professors are amazing. I am proud to be here. In general, society always encourages and helps you to do your best.

About Ahlam

Being different and making achievements have always been my dream. That is why I used to work hard to be the first student in my class. Studying here in the United States is a good opportunity for me to follow my goal and be different.