Research participants wanted for vision study

Students, earn compensation or extra credit this summer through an eye movement and visual information processing study. Research participants are needed for the study, which will take just one hour.

To be eligible for the study, you must be 18-years old or older, have normal or corrected-to normal visual acuity (you must wear your glasses or contact lenses), and have no history of flicker-induced epilepsy. A mask must also be worn in the lab.

Participants will direct their eyes towards a target on a computer screen when cued and will use a head-mounted video-based eye-tracker.

Compensation for the study is $10. Those in participating Psychology courses may also earn extra credit towards their class. The study will take place in room 204 (Vision Research Lab) of Reno Hall, which is located on the McNichols Campus of Detroit Mercy.

For further questions on the study or to make an appointment, please contact Professor of Psychology Harold Greene by email at