The New Detroit Mercy Student Pantry

The University will soon introduce the Detroit Mercy Student Pantry to help resolve issues of food security for students. The Pantry works to increase the standard of living for our students and decrease student food insecurity by a third. To do this, Detroit Mercy Student Pantry will create a food pantry on campus to ensure that students receive food during extended periods if they do not have enough funds to do so.

In addition, this effort hopes to create on-the-go food stations around campus, which will be available during midterms and finals. The goal is to make food available to students during exam periods, to help them focus on their studies and not have to worry about their next meal. The Pantry will also work to locate external sources for students, such as information on other food pantries and information on how to receive government assistance. Lastly, to create awareness of food insecurity, Detroit Mercy Pantry will hold annual talks on food security.

To learn more, please contact Tim Hipskind, S.J., at 313-993-2003 or