MarCom reminder: Brand Identity Standards, Templates and Approved Style Guide

The Office of Marketing & Communications (MarCom) offers the following reminders for the 2018-19 academic year:

For colleges, departments and Detroit Mercy organizations that wish to learn more about our identity and style guide, download the Detroit Mercy brand, flier and poster templates online. The Detroit Mercy approved style is also available here.

If you have created a flier or promotional material, request MarCom to review the material to ensure identity and style compliance. Send your assets to and copy

Finally, when referencing the University on second reference in writing, please refer to the University using Detroit Mercy; the use of acronyms, including “UDM” or “DM,” is prohibited.

Failure to properly use our brand guidelines dilutes the Detroit Mercy identity in the marketplace, creates confusion with prospective students, shows a lack of consistency in brand awareness throughout the institution and can lead to poor representation in media coverage.

We kindly ask that you share this information with faculty and staff during regular meetings and communications. These reminders have been and will continue to appear in CC for the next several weeks. We appreciate any help in sharing this information to fellow colleagues and departments. If you have questions, please contact Gary Erwin at 578-0339 or Thank you for your help!