Professor of Mechanical Engineering Nihad Dukhan’s most recent research dives into the application of metal foam into fuel cells. A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that converts chemical energy stored in fuel, like hydrogen, into DC electricity. Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) have high energy-conversion efficiency and no emissions. PEMFCs are strong candidates to replace the internal combustion engine in the transport industry and are considered the prime energy technology for the hydrogen economy.

This fall, Dukhan will investigate nanofluids flow and heat transfer in metal foam. His research team will assess cooling enhancements due to nanofluids over conventional fluids.

Dukhan has been researching various aspects of metal foam for more 15 years. Most of his 150 refereed publications are on flow and heat transfer in metal foam geared toward strategic thermal management.  With collaboration from ten international experts in the field, Dukhan has edited the most recent book on metal foam technology, Metal Foam: Fundamentals and Applications, published by DEStech Publications.