President Garibaldi urges legislators to stop playing budget games or students will lose

Many Michiganders may see the budget battle going on in Lansing as political gamesmanship. But the fallout of cutting funding to many important programs will be very real for Detroit Mercy’s programming, students and the community, says University President Antoine M. Garibaldi in an oped piece printed in the Detroit Free Press.

“Across the entire state, there are millions of people who rely on the programs and services that were just eliminated — and it is they, not our elected leaders, who will be adversely affected by this unnecessary level of budgetary brinksmanship,” Garibaldi writes.

Tuition grants that are an essential part of college financial aid and state funding that helps our School of Dentistry operate eight clinics in the state to provide metro Detroiters free and low-cost services are currently at risk.

Read the entire piece here on the Detroit Free Press website.