Titans Together: Updated Travel Policy

The latest information for Detroit Mercy’s travel policy has been posted to the Titans Together website. Policies and procedures are reviewed and updated as we become aware of best practices and respond to the current environment as well as employee concerns.

If an employee has traveled internationally or domestically outside the state of Michigan, it may be necessary to adhere to stay-at-home quarantine procedures for a minimum of 14 days upon return. Travel restrictions do not apply to individuals commuting from their home.

Before you travel, discuss with your supervisor your return to campus plan and contact Human Resources at 313-993-1036 for direction on COVID-19 traveling guidelines.

Upon return from travel (within 24 hours) and prior to the return to campus, an employee must contact Human Resources at hr@udmercy.edu to discuss possible COVID-19 testing. Employees are required to test negative based on recommendations from the CDC. All employees must have HR clearance before returning to campus.

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