New brand and identity for the School of Architecture – a message from President Garibaldi

New brand and identity for the School of Architecture – a message from President Garibaldi

Dear Colleagues and Students:

Over the past year, the School of Architecture engaged in a rebranding process with a special focus on the school’s mission-driven, community-based work and its 15-year-old Master of Community Development (MCD) program. As a result of the review, the college’s new name is School of Architecture & Community Development (SACD).

As many of you know, the faculty and administration in SACD and the Detroit Collaborative Design Center (DCDC) have achieved international recognition for providing social, economic, environmental, justice-driven and student-centered projects and learning opportunities. Additionally, they are well known for their expertise in public interest design and civic engagement. As a professional practice with full-time staff supported by student employees, the DCDC provides design, planning, and community engagement services to the non-profit community using a “teaching-hospital” model for architects. With a legacy of community-driven work, this is an appropriate time for the School to highlight “community development” in its new image. 

The School of Architecture & Community Development’s Dean, Dan Pitera, recently noted that the response to this rebranding from alumni and the community “has confirmed our excitement with this transition, which is centered on amplifying our mission-driven and student-centered approach.” The newly named School of Architecture & Community Development is one of only two American architecture schools with a community development major; and Detroit Mercy’s SACD is the only one with “community development” in its name. As the Master of Community Development program now becomes a focal point, there will be more exploration into community development-related initiatives to help broaden and strengthen the impact of the community development faculty, students and alumni.

Please join Provost Pamela Zarkowski and me in congratulating the faculty, staff and students in the School of Architecture & Community Development as they assume and promote their new brand.


Antoine M. Garibaldi