MarCom Reminder: Video production and captioning

MarCom Reminder: Video production and captioning

Detroit Mercy individuals and departments that wish to produce videos for the University must maintain requirements and ensure that videos are high-quality and also meet accessibility mandates.

At this time, the Marketing & Communications Department (MarCom) is limited in the production of video due to staffing and availability of technical equipment. All individuals and departments that would like to produce videos, as well as consultants/contractors may contract with, should contact MarCom first to discuss their project prior to production.

For film or video projects involving external organizations/firms shooting on campus, please visit the additional guidance at Film & Video Guidelines for On-Campus Productions.

Federal accessibility guidelines extend to the captioning of videos. If individuals wish to post video or audio content on a Detroit Mercy site, the media must be captioned or transcribed into text accordingly.

YouTube and other social media platforms offer the option to caption videos, i.e. create closed captions (CC). Some platforms will generate captions automatically.

For more information, please visit MarCom’s web toolbox on Video Production and Captioning.