Call for Proposals: Mercy Roundtable 2023

Call for Proposals: Mercy Roundtable 2023

Detroit Mercy staff and faculty, all employees are eligible to submit a proposal for the Mercy Roundtable 2023. Proposals may be individually submitted or with a colleague.

The Mercy Roundtable 2023’s theme is Nonviolence as a Critical Concern of Mercy. The roundtable is set for May 30 through June 1, 2023 at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island.

The deadline for proposals for the Mercy Roundtable is Friday, Dec. 16.

Click here to submit your proposal.

Each proposal is asked to be limited to 350 words. All proposals are welcome from all disciplines and roles on the Mercy campuses on the topic of nonviolence. Anyone from the campus community (presenters and non-presenters) will be invited to register for the Mercy Roundtable after the acceptance of proposals in early 2023.

The charism of Mercy calls us to engage the world through a practice of nonviolence and to approach other Mercy Critical Concerns through the lens of nonviolence. Aware of the richness of nonviolent traditions and the sacrifices of many, what can you, your discipline or vocation contribute when it comes to:

  • Theological, philosophical, historical, sociological, literary or artistic understandings and expressions of nonviolence;
  • Ways of living nonviolently, individually, collectively, institutionally, and politically, with strategies of nonviolence that aim toward justice, fairness, and the flourishing of persons, other kinds, and the common good;
  • Research and insights on the gifts and benefits, as well as the limits and challenges to the practice of nonviolence in the 21st century?

Notification of proposal acceptance will be sent via email by Jan. 15, 2023. Each proposal accepted will be part of the schedule of presentations. Registration for the roundtable will open in early 2023. The cost of registration is $350.

For more questions or information, please contact Julia Cavallo at or Mary-Paula Cancienne at

Submit your proposal.