Greek life offers opportunities to grow

Greek life offers opportunities to grow

UDM sororities pose for a group picture after bid day.Greek life can be described as “finding a sense of belonging with shared values,” said Emily Johnson, assistant director of Student Life. Currently at Detroit Mercy there are approximately 115 active members spread among 15 Greek organizations. 

Joining Greek life can offer many benefits to its members, including opportunities for leadership development and charitable or service work.  

Current sorority member Bella Cole, a sophomore Nursing major who is a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma, said that Greek life was the best choice she ever made. It has helped her become more involved within the community and on campus. It has also created long-lasting friendships and connections for future job opportunities.  

Students in UDM Greek life pose for a photo in the Fountain Lounge.The rushing process is a mutual selection process. In other words, the main idea is to ensure that both the individual and the group are a perfect match and will benefit each other.  

“Interested students should ask themselves a couple of questions prior: are you able to maintain the time and financial commitment associated with Greek life?” said Johnson. The time commitment varies based on individual organization requirements.  

However, each group meets at least weekly for 1 to 2 hours, and often there are programs or volunteer opportunities that may take up more time during the week.  

There options within each chapter to help full-time students afford for the cost of Greek life, including scholarships and payment plans. 

“The first step for students who are interested in Greek life is to fill out a general interest form. This form is then sent to me, I review the information the student puts and respond with an individual’s guide on which fraternity vs. sorority is best suited for the student,” Johnson said.  

Informational sessions both informal and formal are offered within this month to begin the rushing process for each Greek life.   

Students in UDM Greek life pose for a photo at Calihan Hall.Students who may have a bad image of Greek life due to stories about negative experiences surrounding fraternities and sororities should not worry, both Johnson and Cole said. Detroit Mercy and the Greek life councils have strict policies designed to protect students from hazing/bullying and activities such as underage drinking or drug use.

“I understand the hesitance from students,” said Cole. “I was myself, but the movies really just show Greek life in a negative light.” said Cole. 

Greek life headquarters is housed inside the Office of Student Life. Information for each chapter is regularly posted on Detroit Mercy Live within each individual page.  

Students interested in learning more about or joining Greek life are encouraged to complete an online interest form

Learn more about each chapter and follow UDM Greek life and the Student Life Office on Instagram.

– By Marketing & Communications student intern Zahra Albdair