E&S to host science communications art show, Feb. 5-9

E&S to host science communications art show, Feb. 5-9

The College of Engineering and Science is hosting a week-long science communications art show during the first full week of February, Monday through Friday, Feb. 5-9.

The CNXNS: SciComm Art Show is free for all and takes place from 3-8 p.m. each day inside of the Architecture Exhibition Space in the Warren Loranger Architecture Building. The show will feature a broad range of art pieces created by UDM faculty, staff and students.

The shortest path between two points isn’t just a straight line, it’s a connection! From umbilical cord to last embrace, from the subatomic to the celestial, from mathematical to emotional, this science-informed art show explores the connections that hold together the fabric of our reality.

CNXNS, pronounced connections, is the University’s first science communication art exhibit. This event/project is made possible in part by the Titan Innovation Fund.

A graphic for the CNXNS SciComm Art Show, with additional text reading, please join us for CNXNS SciComm Art Show, February 5-9, 3-8 p.m. each day, Admission is free.