Special online presentation: “The Art of (Not) Forgetting” with Olga Bubich

Special online presentation: “The Art of (Not) Forgetting” with Olga Bubich

Olga BubichThe McNichols Campus Library, Women’s Gender Studies Program, and the Office of Title IX invite all at UDM to a special online presentation, “The Art of (Not) Forgetting,” Thursday, March 21, from 12:45-2 p.m.

In “The Art of (Not) Forgetting,” Belarusian essayist, photographer, and memory researcher Olga Bubich will share her reflections on memory wars — a phenomenon we can see unfolding in different parts of the world — providing examples from the recent history of Belarus and the region, namely Russia, where nostalgia is used as a propaganda tool and misremembering.

The photobook in the center of Bubich’s speech is a collection of portraits and two types of memories of Belarusian women and LGBTQ+ people in the first half of 2021, the original art project that triggered her interest in memory as a familiar subject of the elusive nature of which is often taken for granted.

Bubich is currently based in Berlin as a writer in exile. Before her forced exile, she taught at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences and the Institute of Journalism for 13 years at Belarusian State University.

The event is open to all Detroit Mercy community members, including students, staff, faculty and administrators.

Register via Zoom.