Rocket Mortgage: Save 1% of your home loan amount

Rocket Mortgage: Save 1% of your home loan amount

A Rocket Mortgage graphic featuring a photo of a couple sitting on a couch with a laptop. Text reads, Save 1% of the loan amount on your next home purchase or refinance, Rocket Mortgage is dedicated to helping you achieve your home loan goals no matter where you're at in your mortgage journey, savings scenario, loan amount $270,000, money saved at closing table, $2,700.Rocket Mortgage has an exclusive offer for Detroit Mercy that could save you thousands!

Starting March 1, when purchasing or refinancing a home, UDM employees can now save 1% of their loan amount. For example, if the loan amount is $270,000, you’d save $2,700.

You also get access to:

  • Low down payment options starting with 1% down
  • Cash-out refinance — take advantage of the equity in your home
  • Complimentary Mortgage Review
  • Access to complimentary credit counseling

Visit or call 866-378-6088 to get started and discuss other special incentives.