Gail Presbey

South Asia

With Philosophy students at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Christmas Day 2008 with Jesuits Rudi Heredia, John Chathanatt, and T.K.
With Rajmohan Gandhi and his family at the Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, museum in New Delhi
With yogi Shelarmama, age 104 at the time of this photo in 2005
At Mani Bhavan, Mumbai

My invitation to speak at Mani Bhavan, from Usha Thakkar

Participating in a conference at U of Mumbai, Coletta Campus
With Jill Crosby at Vykom Temple
Vykom Temple, Kerala
Dharasana Salt Works Memorial – at the close of the 75th anniversary of the salt march, with marchers and Tushar Gandhi.
Ar Dandi, the memorial for Gandhi’s salt march, at the conclusion of our walk from Ahmedabad to Dandi.
A rest during the Salt march, 2005, 75th anniversary
Dandi Yatra/ Salt march, marching with T. Venkatramayya
Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra
Salt march/ Dandi yatra 2005
Atmadhara, near the Papal seminary in Pune, where I stayed for 6 months.
The Sisters at Atmadhara.
Vishwnath Karad, President of Maharashtra Inst of Tech, Pune, who hosted me during my Fulbright, 2005
The World Peace Center at MIT, Pune (Host of my 2005 Research Fulbright)
With Shobhana Ranade of the Gandhi National memorial Society, Agakhan Palace, Pune