Feb 13

I wrote some story problems about Pokemon cards for my son’s first grade class.  I gave them to the teacher during the last month of school.  The students really enjoyed that their classmates’ and teacher’s names were in the problems.  The problem set is a mixed review of many different problem types the students had done that year.

Here are the problems:


Pokémon Story Problems worksheet (mixed types)


  1. Mustafa has three basic Pokémon cards in play. Each one has two energy cards on it.  How many energy cards in all?
  2. Half of Maria’s Pokémon cards are Water Type Pokémon. Maria has 16 Pokémon cards.  How many Water Type Pokémon cards does Hazel have?
  3. John had 137 Pokémon cards, but his sister spilled milk on 6 of them. How many Pokémon cards does John have left?
  4. Jaelle had 101 Pokémon cards. She got 4 more for her birthday.  How many Pokémon cards does Jaelle have now?
  5. Ms. Daniel said, “No Pokémon cards in class.” But every day someone brings in Pokémon cards and Mrs. Daniel has to take them away.  She will give them back at the end of the day on Friday.  On Monday, Mrs. Daniel took away 7 cards.  On Tuesday she took away 3.  On Wednesday she took away 4.  On Thursday she took away 6.  On Friday she took away 1.


a. Make a graph that shows how many Pokémon cards Mrs. Daniel took away each day.

b. On which day did Mrs. Daniel take away the most cards?

c. How many cards did Mrs. Daniel take away in all this week?

d. On which day did Mrs. Daniel take away the fewest cards?

e. What fraction of the cards did Mrs. Daniel take away on Monday?

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