Norwegian student-athlete finds a home at Detroit Mercy

Norwegian student-athlete finds a home at Detroit Mercy

Men's soccer student-athlete Daniel Larsson, pictured during a Titans game in 2021.

Before this year, Daniel Larsson had never been to Michigan. He had only visited the United States a couple times growing up.

Yet Larsson was eager to take a leap of faith by moving to another country to continue his academic and athletic career. He left his home in Lommedalen, Norway, to study at University of Detroit Mercy, where he is a freshman Business Administration major and a defender on the men’s soccer team.

“I mainly chose Detroit Mercy because I felt it was the best school for me to combine my athletics with my academics,” Larsson said. “I felt this school really fit me well.”

Several factors went into Larsson’s college decision. He wanted to attend a university that wasn’t too big, but was close to the city. Having things to do around campus was important. And, of course, he wanted to play soccer.

Detroit Mercy checked all of those boxes, and Larsson is relishing the experience so far.

“It’s been really good, actually,” he said. “I really enjoy how my day-to-day life is going right now, with school in the morning and then practice at night.”

Adjusting to life in another country isn’t always easy. There are differences, Larsson says, but overall, the transition has gone well.

“I feel like I’ve made a lot of friends and have become really tight with the things around the University and community, and all the places around Detroit,” he said. “Detroit does not have the greatest reputation around the world, but it’s actually pretty nice. It’s much different than what people say.”

Larsson appreciates Detroit Mercy’s Jesuit and Mercy values and how the University is “open to other religions as well.”

As a Titan student-athlete, Larsson spends extensive time at Calihan Hall and Titan Field. His favorite spot on the McNichols Campus, though, is the Titan Dining Room, where he can get a bird’s eye view of the fountain.

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