Day of Giving scavenger hunt, Sept. 20-27

Day of Giving scavenger hunt, Sept. 20-27

Day of Giving, hosted by Alumni Relations and Annual Giving, has added a new activity for students.

There will be a scavenger hunt on the McNichols, Corktown and Riverfront Campuses during the week, Sept. 20-26, leading up to Day of Giving on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

Day of Giving Logo for University of Detroit MercyAll items that are included in the scavenger hunt will be indicted by a sign with a red ribbon. Students will have one week to solve the clues. Once a clue is solved, take a selfie with the sign and upload it to the passport program.

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There are also many activities planned to include both in-person and virtual for McNichols, Riverfront, Corktown and Novi Campuses.

Students will have the opportunity to test their knowledge of Detroit Mercy trivia while they enjoy a cup of cider, write a thank-you note to a donor and receive a coupon to redeem a boxed lunch, hear from Detroit Mercy student, Jeremiah Steen, discuss the importance of philanthropy and giving back to the University!

All students who participate in-person for the student speaker will earn a boxed lunch coupon and be entered into a special raffle. There will be several prizes given for student participation which will be verified using the passport program. The more you participate in Day of Giving means the more you win.

To find out all the details on the day’s activities and how the passport program works, visit

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