Safety Street 2019 was “all that and a bag of treats”

Safety Street 2019 was “all that and a bag of treats”

Detroit Mercy Titan Athletics passes out candy as M&M characters.

Thank you to all Detroit Mercy student organizations, departments and employees who helped organize stations, paint signs, pass out treats and entertain our costumed guests at Safety Street! With more than 1,215 pounds of donated candy, fraternities, sororities, Detroit Mercy Law and Dental representatives and student organizations decorated booths for the neighborhood children to trick-or-treat on the McNichols Campus, Oct. 25.

Congratulations to Facility Operations for donating 279 pounds of candy this year, winning a pizza party, compliments of the Student Life Office.

See the Safety Street photo gallery online.

Banner of children having fun at Safety Street 2019.

Safety Street 2019 kick-off pose of students and neighborhood children.

Trick-or-Treating on the McNichols Campus was a blast for this unicorn at Safety Street!

Candy, laughter, face-painting and painted signage are the pillars of a succesful Safety Street.